The Learning Environment and Mathematics Achievement of Students of High Performance Schools (HPS)

Mazlini Adnan, Mohd Faizal Nizam Lee Abdullah, Marzita Puteh, Che Nidzam Che Ahmad, Siti Mistima Maat


The research is aimed at studying the learning environment and mathematics achievements of students of High Performance Schools (HPS). A total of 362 forth former students had participated in the study. It was conducted using the survey methodology, with a set of questionnaire which is divided into Sections A and B. Section A consists of demographic-based questions to find out respondents’ background information. Section B is the What Is Happening In This Class (WIHIC) instrument which consists of 40 items to examine students’ perception of student closeness, teacher support, involvement, cooperation and fairness in the classroom learning environment. In addition, the students’ mathematics achievement is based on the grades of their Final Examination. The preliminary study produces Cronbach’s Alpha 0.952 for WIHIC. Data areprocessed using SPSS Windows Version 20.0 analyzed to obtain percentage, frequency, mean, standard deviation, T-test and Pearson correlation. The data on students’ perception of their learning environment shows thatthe element of student closeness has the highest mean value, followed by the elements of cooperation, fairness, teacher support and involvement. The results also show that there is a significant difference between male and female students in terms of students’ perception of the elements of involvement, cooperation and fairness. In addition, the study found that there is a significant relationship between the elements ofteacher support and fairness, and mathematics achievement.

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